Looking For Bathroom Tiles? Avoid These Mistakes.

The excitement of a bathroom renovation and a range of styles and options can lead to certain design pitfalls and costlier mistakes. While you are trying to update your bathroom to improve the space and functionality, a few things get overlooked, and tiles among them. Whether you plan to renovate your old bathroom or build […]

Is Your Bathroom Small? Here Are a Few Tips to Make It Look Bigger.

Most of us dream of having a spacious bathroom with a separate tub and shower. But not everybody can afford a big bathroom. The lack of space, number of fixtures, and less natural lighting can make a small bathroom a challenging space to decorate. But, when done right, it is possible to make a small […]

Should I Renovate My Bathroom Before Selling The House?

Although market forces are the major factors in deciding on how much you sell your property for, it is worth investing in home improvements. One such home improvement that has the potential to add more value the property is a bathroom renovation. Of course, it is not necessary that you should go for bathroom renovation […]

How to Design a Stylish and Functional Bathroom?

Whether you are looking for ways to spruce up your existing bathroom design or create a new design to give a new look, there are plenty of ways to design a bathroom that is both stylish and functional when done right. Believe it or not, you can make a small bathroom look spacious and functional. […]

Most Common Bathroom Renovation Challenges

How to save money during Bathroom Renovation?

While a bathroom remodelling is a major undertaking, it is a rewarding experience. Yes, adding your style to a place that you use every day could give personal satisfaction and increase your home’s value.   However, when it comes to bathroom renovation, you’ll have to make a lot of decisions to complete the project successfully. In […]

What Are The Key Considerations When Choosing A Bathroom Countertop?

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Of course, the functionality should be the number one priority when designing or remodelling a bathroom. But, that doesn’t mean that you should overlook other key elements. Among all the amenities of a bathroom, the countertop has a significant impact. The countertop acts as the focal point in a bathroom, and it has the power […]

Why DIY Bathroom Renovation Is A Bad Idea?

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If your bathroom looks dull or out-dated, you’d love to change millions of things. But, you don’t have the funds to make the desired changes in your bathroom. You are not afraid to roll up your sleeves and take up the bathroom remodelling project on your own. Well, you are not alone. Nearly half of […]

Essential Tips for Creating a Senior-Friendly Bathroom

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The bathroom is the go-to place where you could take relaxing showers and baths. But, it’s a dangerous place in a house as well. Yes, toilet accidents are common as they are located in tight and slippery places. However, it’s the seniors who suffer from slips and falls and sustain injuries that lead to functional […]

Variety and the Best Bathroom Renovations in Sydney

Facebook Youtube Linkedin Pinterest Variety and the Best Bathroom Renovations in Sydney Variety and the Best Bathroom Renovations in Sydney In the world of interior design, education is ongoing among the best designers. As trends wax and wane, it is absolutely vital to keep up, or risk becoming truly irrelevant. Lucky, then, that it is […]