Essential Tips for Creating a Senior-Friendly Bathroom

The bathroom is the go-to place where you could take relaxing showers and baths. But, it’s a dangerous place in a house as well. Yes, toilet accidents are common as they are located in tight and slippery places. However, it’s the seniors who suffer from slips and falls and sustain injuries that lead to functional limitations. According to the National Institute of Aging, 80% of the seniors over age 65years fall each year in which most of the falls are in the bathroom.

Compared to younger adults, seniors have a high-risk of incurring bathroom-related injuries due to various medical conditions. Injuries can range from mild to severe, and in worst cases, fatal injuries lead to death. The bathroom’s accessibility and safety should be the top priority if you are living with your aged parents.

If you are planning for bathroom renovations Sydney, here are a few tips to create a senior-friendly bathroom:-

Install Grab Bars

There is no better way to increase bathroom safety for your loved ones than installing grab bars. Yes, they are cost-effective bathroom aids that are designed to help seniors use the bathroom amenities safely. There is a wide range of tub rails and grab bars on the market that can be customised to fit any bathroom style and size. Bathroom specialists Sydney can give ideas on to install the grab bars at the right place so that seniors can use it as effectively as possible.

Unlike sing edges, towel racks, toilet tank lids, grab bars are specifically made to support a person’s weight and provide maximum grip to avoid slips and fall in the bathroom. Besides, grab bars can be installed on a range of surfaces and specific heights and angles to suit the individual needs.

Raised Toilet Seat

Raising the toilet seat is one of the best ways to improve safety in the bathroom for seniors and persons with limited mobility. Fortunately, there is a range of raised toilet seats available in the market which can suit any style and type of bathrooms. This seat helps to keep the knees straight and stable, and is designed to prevent falls and assist people who have difficulty sitting down and standing up.

Improve Bathroom Lighting

Due to aging, seniors develop poor eyesight. It is essential to install lights in areas like shower, cabinets, toilets, and mirror. So that they can view the grab bars and hold it, which improves safety. However, ensure the lights are not too bright or dim that can hurt their eyes.

Install a Foldable Shower Seat

Foldable shower seats allow seniors to enjoy bath time independently without worrying about slips and falls while bathing.  When not in use, the seat could be folded into the wall.

Slip-Free Bathroom Mats

Slip-free bathroom mats are one of the overlooked options when it comes to senior-friendly bathroom renovations Sydney. In fact, slip-free mats aid seniors and all of us from stepping directly on wet, slippery tiles.

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