Is Your Bathroom Small? Here Are a Few Tips to Make It Look Bigger.

Most of us dream of having a spacious bathroom with a separate tub and shower. But not everybody can afford a big bathroom. The lack of space, number of fixtures, and less natural lighting can make a small bathroom a challenging space to decorate. But, when done right, it is possible to make a small space look stylish and more spacious. That said, you don’t have to break your bank when it comes to bathroom renovations Sydney. Yes, with a few clever bathroom designs, you can turn your dream into a reality.

Whether you live that dream or not, these design ideas from our bathroom specialists Sydney should help to make your bathroom feel larger and transform into a practical and relaxing space in your house.

Increase natural light
When it comes to a small bathroom, the key to make it feel vast and spacious is to let in more natural light. While windows are the best way to increase natural light, you can have skylights that potentially provide the lighting you need in your small bathroom and make it lively. Cleaning windows and skylights are easy and inexpensive. While skylights can be cleaned roof-side with warm water and scrub brush, occasional dusting and wiping should make the windows look clean and beautiful.

Go white
A white bathroom never goes out of style as it is a timeless choice of colour. Painting your bathroom walls with white is one of the easiest ways to give your bathroom a spacious look and feel. Also, white reflects any available light instead of absorbing it. While white can make any space look bigger, they are especially effective in bathrooms. Moreover, it is easy to source white bathroom fixtures as most of them available in white, using white in other areas gives a seamless look that makes the bathroom as airy as possible. However, it doesn’t have to be fully white. You can go for pale tile or stone and fabric accents for a flawless look while giving a sophisticated look.

Less is more
When it comes to bathroom decorative accessories like rugs and artworks, less is always good. Of course, these decorative accessories can make a small bathroom feel inviting and warm. But, they can also lead to clutter when overdone. No matter the accessory you are planning to add to your bathroom, ask yourself if the item has any functional value.

Opt for glass door for shower
If you are starting your small bathroom renovations Sydney project from scratch, maybe you should replace the curtains with a clear glass door for a more sophisticated look. A glass shower door in a small bathroom helps to open the space and make it look bigger.

Install a big mirror
A bathroom mirror is a crucial decoration element in a bathroom design. Why not opt for a big mirror rather than a small one, especially for small bathrooms? Large vanity mirrors can double the size of your bathroom.

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