Most Common Bathroom Renovation Challenges

While a bathroom remodelling is a major undertaking, it is a rewarding experience. Yes, adding your style to a place that you use every day could give personal satisfaction and increase your home’s value.   However, when it comes to bathroom renovation, you’ll have to make a lot of decisions to complete the project successfully. In fact, you could reap the benefits of bathroom remodelling, only if you manage to complete the project successfully without any pitfalls. But, do you think you could avoid or won’t face any challenges during the bathroom renovation? Of course, not! You’ll experience some common problems when revamping your bathroom.

Do you know bathroom renovations without proper planning are the most commonly failed home improvement projects? That’s why it is essential to be aware of the common bathroom renovation challenges to avoid wasting your money and time.

Here are the most common pitfalls:-

Working with the wrong contractor

See, there are many bathroom renovation companies in Sydney that claims to provide quality service. But, not all are equal and same. You’ll have to choose the best contractor who can provide high-quality bathroom renovation without compromising the quality over price.

While it might be tempting to settle on the first cheap contractor, it’s advisable to ask around, choose more than two companies and compare the quality of their work by analysing their portfolio. We, oxford bathrooms Sydney, are bathroom renovation specialists building beautiful, functional bathrooms with outstanding customer service standards. We have positive oxford bathrooms reviews and testimonials that were earned through our efforts and hard work we put in every project, regardless of the size.

Old Plumbing

Old plumbing is one of the significant challenges you will face when remodelling your bathroom. Things like corroded cast iron or galvanised drains, pipes, and water supply lines are big challenges to deal with. Even with copper water lines, there will be hidden problems if the joints are corroded. So, prior to doing any work, it is essential to check all the lines and ensure everything is working as it should. You should also be careful while removing the plumbing fixtures. Follow the protocols before removing fixture.

Sourcing the materials

Procuring the necessary materials for your bathroom remodelling project is a hard job. Yes, there are a lot of behind-the-scene items to consider and buy. While ordering all of the corresponding items are one thing, receiving them from the manufacturer is another challenge you’ll have to deal with. In addition to it, you could expect delays, incorrect, and missing materials. This is one of the reasons why many tend to hire our bathroom renovation specialists as we have earned good oxford bathrooms reviews.


Choosing the right bathroom layout is one of the common pitfalls you’ll be experiencing during the project. You wouldn’t want your remodelling project fail due to the wrong layout. So, speak with your remodelling contractor and choose the right layout that fits you and your family’s lifestyle.

There are you are; these are the common bathroom renovation problems you might encounter while revamping your bathroom. Need help with bathroom remodelling? We can help you. Check our oxford bathrooms testimonials to witness the dedication and commitment we put into every project.