What You Need to Know About Grab Bars for Your Bathroom

What You Need to Know About Grab Bars for Your Bathroom

Grab bars are an important accessory that must be installed if you have elderly members with mobility issues. It helps them move around the bathroom safely. Wet bathroom floors increase the risk of slipping, which is why installing grab bars is absolutely necessary.

Grab bars are also one of the most demanded accessories in bathroom renovations Sydney, as they’re meant to provide safety for the elderly. Certain homeowners decide to install the grab bars themselves, however this is not advisable. Here are a few things you should know about grab bars before you buy one:

Choose the Right Size for Safety:

Grab bars are available in different styles and sizes in the market, so it might not be easy to find the right one. A few things you should look into when shopping for grab bars include the diameter, clearance to the wall, shape, and length. Get a grab bar with diameter sufficient enough to fit the size of your hand.

When the grab bar is installed, make sure that it isn’t too much distant from the wall. The standard clearance between a grab bar and the wall is suggested to be 38mm. When the clearance is more than that, it’s possible for your arm to accidentally slide between the grab bar and the wall if you lose balance.

Grab Bars Prevent Accidents:

Shower safety is not just important for the elderly, but for everyone in the family. This is specifically applicable for people with mobility issues. Installing good quality grab bars in your bathroom can certainly prevent accidents moving forward. If the grab bars are not installed as intended, it is possible for you or anyone else to slip and fall. This is why it is highly recommended to hire a professional specialised in bathroom renovations Sydney. They will install the grab bars perfectly for you. When they are installed professionally, grab bars will become more durable and serve the purpose for many years to come.

Choose Your Desired Look:

If you care about making your bathroom aesthetically appealing, grab bars can certainly fulfil your requirement. They are available in different finishes and styles at bathroom showrooms Sydney, so you can pick one to complement the entire look of your bathroom. They are also available in various colours, so as to enhance your interior décor. Some manufacturers also provide non-slip surfaces that are ideal for wet areas.

Install at the Right Height:

The top portion of horizontal grab bars should be set at a specific height from the floor. Homeowners who set up grab bars by themselves would probably install it a little too high or too low. The height of grab bars matters a lot when it comes to safety. This is yet another reason why you should let the professional do the installation for you. They will know at what height your grab bars must be set, so that it becomes convenient to use while also keeping everyone safe.

If you are constructing a new bathroom or planning small bathroom renovations Sydney, consider adding grab bars to your accessories shopping list. A grab bar is pretty inevitable if you have elderly members in your household. Having this accessory gives everyone great peace of mind.