Ventilate with your Sydney Bathroom Contractors





Ventilate with your Sydney Bathroom Contractors

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Ventilate with your Sydney Bathroom Contractors

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At Oxford Bathrooms, we use our know-how and skill set to provide bathroom renovations that make the very best use of your space. With an eye to ergonomic placement and walking space, we are the sort of contractors who can make your Sydney bathroom an enjoyable spot to occupy each day.

But big differences in the ambience of a bathroom aren’t always related to a brand new layout. Sometimes it is the smaller things that can make the biggest difference, and one of the best examples can come in the way of proper ventilation.

Plenty of bathrooms in Sydney are not properly ventilated. Either they were designed with a notion of a free flow of air through the windows, or simply without an extractor fan, the end result is the same. The moisture produced by the shower and the sink has nowhere to go, and settles on to the surfaces there. This can easily lead to issues with mould and mildew, as well as the less-than-fresh smell that often permeates improperly ventilated areas.

If there are any porous seals, it has direct access to the wood and supports underneath. A large percentage of issues relating to wood rot are related to moisture escaping from the toilet, which can lead to maintenance problems. It can also attract termites and other insects to your sub-floor.

As a general rule, your extractor fan should be able to fully change the air inside at least ten times per hour. If it is incapable of doing so, you are more than likely going to see your friends at Oxford recommend a new extractor fan as part of your bathroom renovation. It will help to prevent your new fixtures and flooring from becoming prematurely greyed, and will ensure that you are walking in to a sanitary and clean bathroom each day.

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