Remodelling Your Small Bathroom? These 7 Tips Would Help

Remodelling Your Small Bathroom? These 7 Tips Would Help

Remodelling Your Small Bathroom
Photo by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash

A small bathroom can pose various challenges for a homeowner. When they wish to remodel a small bathroom, the lack of space or budget will get in the way of their plan. But by hiring a good remodelling service, you can easily transform a bathroom of any size, no matter the budget. Here are 7 simple ideas to remodel your small bathroom, as recommended by the experts of small bathroom renovations Sydney:

Include Storage Space with Cabinets:

Even if your bathroom is small, there would still be a portion of the wall or a corner that would be suitable for making a storage space. Install customised shelving units to store & access your towels and other necessities in them. They are easy to maintain as well. It’s all about bringing a balance between utility and simplicity.

Use a Glass Door:

Using a curtain for your shower will make your tiny bathroom appear even smaller. When you are about to do small bathroom renovations Sydney, install a shower with a glass door to make your space appear bigger. Even better, it’s easier to clean and maintain a glass door than a conventional shower curtain.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint:

Choosing the right paint can revitalise your bathroom and make it appear more spacious than ever before. When it comes to the colour, always choose a neutral or bright paint. Darker paint colours will make your small bathroom look sombre. You shall also refresh your vanity with brand new paint to give your bathroom a fresh look.

Don’t Forget the Floor:

A compact bathroom or limited budget shouldn’t stop you from installing durable and eye appealing flooring. The total square footage would be less, so you can splurge on heated flooring or the latest tile designs/patterns without breaking the bank. Adding new floors can enhance the beauty of your bathroom, even making it more luxurious. Considering to install a slip-resistant floor will improve the safety of your bathroom too.

Use Smaller Fixtures:

For a relatively smaller bathroom, smaller fixtures would be ideal as it helps maximise the space. Also, smaller fixtures are cheaper than its larger counterparts. Discuss with an expert offering the best bathroom renovations Sydney to know what fixtures are right for your bathroom.

Combine the Tub & the Shower:

Several people consider removing the tub when remodelling the bathroom. Instead, you can consider combining the shower and the bath into one. You can either leave this zone open, or use a glass enclosure based on your convenience.

Proper Lighting is a Must:

No matter the size of your bathroom, set up sufficient lighting for safety and ease of usage. Rather than using a singular overhead light for your small bathroom, use separate lights to properly illuminate every corner of the space. For instance, placing lights under the vanity won’t strain your eyes, and using task lighting behind mirrors will evenly spread light across your face.

Consider these ideas to remodel your small bathroom on budget. Questions? Talk to a qualified remodelling service to learn about the small bathroom renovations cost and more.