When it comes to bathroom renovations in Sydney, there is more to consider than with your average remodel. While thoughtful design plays a major role, it is imperative to choose the right materials that not only reflects your personal style but also durable. In fact, you must consider functional and practical aspects when choosing the materials for your bathroom. Your bathroom should stand up to tons of abuse, which is why it is crucial to select the bathroom materials wisely.

So, how will you choose? Here is a complete guide from our bathroom specialists Sydney on how to pick the right bathroom materials:-

Vanity tops play a dual role in being durable and beautiful that complements the other elements in your bathroom. Since there is a wide range of countertop options, it can be quite confusing to choose the right one. However, don’t go for inexpensive laminates over particleboard as they are prone to the moisture and swelling issues. Solid quartz countertops are a good option as they are ultra-durable, available in a range of shades, low-maintenance, and do not require sealing. You could also choose tile and wood, but both require regular maintenance.

Sleek and veneer surface cabinets uplift an out-dated bathroom. In fact, they require less maintenance than traditional cabinets with decorative ridges, which can trap dirt and dust. Furniture type cabinets can give your bathroom a modern-antique look. Apart from design, you need consider storage as well as it is a high priority in the bathroom. You could be attracted by the trendy-looking cheap bathroom cabinets that are found in big stores and online. Of course, you cannot resist the temptation to save money. But, cheap materials are not durable. Yes, they tend to swell in moist environments, and laminate finishes begin to peel off over time. Your budget cabinets may give up on you after a few years of installation. Hence, find a reliable supplier who offers high-quality custom cabinets that are built to last at a decent price.

When it comes to choosing tile for your bathroom renovations Sydney project, porcelain tile is the best option. It is suitable for wet environments as they do not absorb water and virtually stain-proof. Although it is pricier than other materials, it is worth investing for several good reasons. This material can be used for accent walls, flooring, wainscoting, flooring, and shower surrounds. If you choose tile flooring, ensure it is slip-resistant. If you want the look of hardwood flooring, there are porcelain tiles that mimic the wood planks but are more resistant to water.

Choose a semi-gloss paint to keep your bathroom looking fresh. In fact, it is simple and inexpensive. Gloss paint is easy to clean, and they last for a long time.

While walk-in showers are trending, it is still good to have at least one tub in your bathroom. Choose a tub that is durable, heat-resistant, and has a solid feel underfoot.
Work with the professionals who offer bathroom renovation packages that suit your budget and requirements.