Illuminate Your Bathroom with These Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Believe it or not, lighting can make or break your bathroom design. What’s the purpose of having an elegant design without proper lighting? Of course, great lighting is crucial in every room in a house. But, it plays a significant role in a bathroom. People do this – Placing a fixture in the wrong spot and shaving in the dark or a wrong bulb that makes you look dull when putting makeup. Sometimes people think only about aesthetics and forget the functionality.

When it comes to lighting a bathroom, it should be both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

How to Light Your Bathroom?

A bathroom should be lighted based on the activity. Do you want to add personality to your bathroom? Well, then add chandelier to create the interest visually. Add a recessed light if the overhead fixture does not provide enough light to perform your activity. There are several things to consider when lighting your bathroom. So, how will you do?

Here are the designer tips for choosing lights and placing fixtures from bathroom specialists Sydney:-

Let the Natural Light In

One of the best ways to light your bathroom is to allow natural light. The more your bathroom is lighted with natural light, the better it looks. Whether you are designing a new home or planning for bathroom renovations Sydney, ensure window treatments let the natural light in. In fact, the best place to put your bathroom is facing north because light from the north side is indirect, soft, and you’ll receive diffused light.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the base. It’s the central lighting fixture in the ceiling illuminates the entire room. However, you don’t have to stick with whatever the builder installed. Why not add a chandelier to make your bathroom look grand, elegant, and cosy? You can even go for any other decorative lighting fixture.

When installing a ceiling light, instead of positioning it above the spot where you’ll stand, place them over the walkway area. While the light from above will be unflattering, light from your behind will help you see you better in the mirror.

Task Lighting

Task lighting fixtures are usually placed on the activities you perform in any room. When it comes to a bathroom, shower and mirror are the places where you’ll be performing most of the activities. So, install lights in your mirror and above the shower. Of course, you may not need separate lighting for your shower. But, it will help you see what you are doing, especially if you don’t have a glass door.

Accent Lighting

The right accent lighting fixtures can help enhance the quality of your bathroom. Choose a light on a piece of art as it will create an elegant feel in the bathroom.

Install a Dimmer

Most of us don’t prefer dimmer in the bathroom. But, it’s a good idea to consider as it allows controlling the feel and mood of the room. A dimmer can give you a relaxing mood when you are taking a hot shower.

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