Essential Bathroom Renovations For Seniors





Essential Bathroom Renovations For Seniors
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Bathroom Renovations For Seniors

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According to the National Institute of Aging, “1 in every 3 senior citizens aged over 65 years suffers from a fall every year. Out of this, about 80% of the events happen in the bathroom.” So, designing safe and accessible bathrooms is the key to making your loved one feel independent and safe.

You can always make a couple of changes or consider bathroom renovations North Shore to make your bathroom senior-friendly. However, safety must be of utmost priority when you are revamping your bathroom.

Here is a list of thoughtful bathroom renovations Western Sydney that will make the bathroom accessible and safe for your seniors:-

Walk-in tub

Stepping in and out of a bathtub can be riskier for seniors. Installing a walk-in tub allows your older adults to bathe safely. The seniors can easily step into the tub when it is dry and then fill and drain it before stepping out. Yes, it is both safe and comfortable, especially for the seniors. There is no climbing over the edge if of the tub. Install tub controls near the front edge so your loved ones won’t have to reach far.

Stand-alone shower

While some prefer a step-in tub, others would choose a stand-alone shower that doesn’t have a tub. There are curbless shower options with no lip on the edge of them so that you can bring the wheelchair, walker, or transfer chair across the edge. It makes getting in and out very easy and reduces the risk of falling.

Non-slip floors

Balance can be compromised as your parents’ age. You need to ensure the elderly can stay on their feet. By installing non-slip floors while remodelling the bathroom, slips and falls can be reduced. Unglazed ceramic mosaic tile is an excellent choice. However, choose the right flooring that has a high slip-resistant.

Grab bars               

Grab bars are the last-minute life saver in dangerous situations. Grab bars can help older adults move confidently through the bathroom. So, install grab bars in several locations, including next to the toilet, all three walls in a shower, and on the sidewall of a tub.


Replace your existing one with a senior-friendly toilet such as chair-height toilets as it gives your loved ones the freedom to use the toilet with minimal effort. A lift chair is also available that assist in the lifting and lowering of an individual.

Light fixtures

Some seniors may have impaired visions. So replacing the light fixtures can prevent falls, bumps, and bruises.

Now that you have some ideas to get started in bathroom renovations Sydney, consider the needs of your loved ones and customise the bathroom. Oxford bathrooms can assist you with bathroom renovations North Shore project for seniors.


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