Creative Ideas for Small Bathroom Renovations

Creative Ideas for Small Bathroom Renovations

Small Bathroom Renovations Sydney
Photo by VENICE HOTEL on Unsplash

Most of us consider bathrooms as a sort of safe haven in the house. It is where we can have some peace of mind and relieve the stress we had during the day. However, one of the challenges that homeowners face nowadays is having small bathrooms. Especially those who work and reside in cities where commercial and residential spaces are costly, every inch of space in the house matters.

Having small bathrooms should not be a deal breaker. There are many bathroom renovations Sydney companies and bathroom showrooms Sydney experts to help us.

Here are five practical and creative ways to transform half baths, tiny bathrooms and small powder areas into a more relaxing place.

1. Go Dark or Go Light

One of the effective ways that small bathroom renovations Sydney professionals recommend to make your room look bigger than its actual size is to either go dark or go light with the colour tone. If you prefer light colours, it is helpful to have the floor, and the vanity set made of wood to create a serene and warm ambience. Bathroom showrooms Sydney experts also suggest to those who prefer dark colours to use earthy tones. You can do this by adding earth-toned tiles and walls or curtains.

2. A Mirror Helps

Having a huge mirror in the bathroom can also do the trick. Instead of having a small one near or on top of the medicine cabinet or the vanity, bathroom showrooms Sydney experts suggest that it is best to install the mirror on the entire wall or the door.

3. Have the Shower Door Made of Glass

Glass doors are better than having shower curtains because they help open the small bathroom space up. Meanwhile, if the budget is a little tight, the alternative option is to remove the shower door completely.

4. Go for a Pocket Door

Another common recommendation from the best bathroom renovations Sydney companies is to replace the usual door with a pocket style. Small bathroom renovations Sydney experts agree with having pocket doors as it takes less bathroom space.

5. Have Niches or Ledges to Create Additional Space

Many bathroom showrooms Sydney companies include niches and ledges in their designs for small bathrooms. Shower niches create additional space for the family to place their toiletries and other accessories without affecting the entire design of the area.

These are just a few tips that are easy to follow and apply in your bathroom renovations Sydney projects. Remember that there are a lot of experts to help you and your family plan and visualise your bathroom design. There are numerous small bathroom renovations Sydney experts who will give you advice and ideas to help you make smaller spaces look bigger and better.