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How to Create a Vintage-Style Bathroom?

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How to Create a Vintage-Style Bathroom?

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Are you tired of looking at the plain bathroom and wanting to change up a few things to make it look classically vintage? Now, getting that vintage look in your bathroom is easy and really worthwhile by hiring professionals for unit bathroom renovations! A well-decorated bathroom can create a warm, relaxing escape, however. Vintage-style bathrooms have an especially elegant, classy ambiance.

There are several ways to spruce it up without renovating. And sometimes, the details can make a difference in the livability of a vintage bathroom. Here are a few helpful tricks to make your bathroom renovation look classically vintage.

  1. Monogrammed Towels

Making use of monogrammed towels is the best way to brand your bathroom. This makes it feels important and a bit dramatic. Also, monogrammed on your towels doesn’t cost much, and the effect will be priceless. Nothing says royalty like your initials monogrammed on your towels in bold calligraphy style letters, so consider it. 

  1. Old Era Art

Art from the past will transport your bathroom into the old era. Matching it with gold, ornamental frame even more make your bathroom look extra antique. So, after having the best bathroom renovations in Sydney, consider hanging the paintings or prints that have the proper dress or attire from an old classic era at your bathroom. This features a slightly distressed look.

  1.    Rich Wood Cabinets

Consider using rich, dark, and deep coloured wood for the mirror frame, and the cabinets. Before your unit bathroom renovations project starts, let your bathroom renovations professionals know. This contrast beautifully with your shining plumbing fixtures and give a vintage and antique look to your bathroom. To add extra beauty, consider getting the cabinets with some detailing and intricacy in the finish and top it off with unusual and ornamental knobs and handles.

  1. Silver and Gold Plumbing Fixtures

Avoid faucet fixture shapes that are more modern and sharp and go with rounded and long fixtures for that extra regal look. Instead, consider shiny bronze, gold, and silver themes, which give off the illusion of wealth and royalty. It will make your bathroom look like it belongs in the Victorian era.

  1. Over The Top Lighting

Did you know the right chandelier with the right amount of dramatic flair and will be class and antique vintage more than tacky? But consider hanging chandelier with a jewelled look as the lighting centrepiece of your bathroom to be classically vintage.


Are you looking to create a vintage style bathroom? Consider hiring the right professional for bathroom renovations in Sydney! They not only help create a vintage style bathroom but also add value to your house. 


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