Tips To Choose The Right Bathroom Renovation Company





Tips To Choose The Right Bathroom Renovation Company
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Tips To Choose The Right Bathroom Renovation Company

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Homeowners who are planning to enhance the appearance and the value of their home have a wide range of option to choose. If you are the one who is looking for a home improvement project, you can choose bathroom as your next project as it offers various benefits for you. Bathroom remodeling not only adds value to your home, but also increases the overall living space. The bathroom renovation company can even change your bathroom into a unique home spa. By choosing the right contractors for the project can move beyond the pure function and provide a luxurious one. Here we have mentioned a few tips to choose the right bathroom builders in Sydney.

Checking Bathroom Reviews are Key to selecting your
bathroom renovation partner

If you are planning to choose bathroom specialists in Sydney from reviews, you aren’t alone. 92% of the people prefer referrals, while making a choice about goods and services. So, any bathroom remodeling contractors you pick should have many great reviews. Also, they should be able to offer examples of service quality.

Experience Counts

Experience matters any day in every field and bathroom repairing is no exception to it. To reach the right contractor, pay heed to the years of experience. Not to mention, a contractor service can only sustain for a prolonged period if and only if they are able to satisfy their customers with their skill and proficiency. Take a look at their work portfolio to get a better idea of their experience.

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Even though there are so many elements involved in a great bathroom remodeling project, it’s important not to go on price alone. With unprofessional delays and poor quality, you could pay more in the long run. You have more than one option when it comes to service. But, at the same time, you want to make sure the price makes sense.

Additional Services

When making a choice for remodeling service providers, find out more about their company. Do they have expertise across the board when it comes to construction?

You want a contractor who can handle tasks as they come up. If they are subcontracting out major portions of the work, you may want to find someone else. With a number of subcontracted services, you may face delays and have longer wait times. Who can afford to wait and have their bathroom out of commission?

Free Estimates

If you are thinking of hiring a professional contractor, they should not charge you for an estimate. If your potential contractor wants to charge you upfront before seeing your job, find someone else.

Visit one of our Two Bathroom Showrooms in Sydney

We insist that all of our clients visit one of our Bathroom showrooms in Brookvale or Thornliegh in order to adequately experience a prepared and professional Bathroom renovation. We have a laundry list of reasons why a visit to one of our Sydney showrooms is critical to the bathroom renovation process but here are the top 5:

  1. Touch & Feel Products in Person – One of the top reasons to visit any showroom is to avoid letting your “digital eye” deceive you. Looking at samples on social media or on a website versus seeing one in person are two completely different things. Samples that you see online have careful lighting and photography angles to make them look their very best 100% of the time, so they will always look good. But you need to see and feel countertops, fixtures and other materials in person, see it under different lighting and from different angles. Seeing it in a more realistic and natural environment, with similar lighting that you have in your own home is essential. Interacting with textures and features such as composite flooring or a touchless faucet gives you a better sense of their purpose and lets you decide if you really want these features or not.
  2. Get a sense of Size and Space – Looking at a floorplan can be very confusing and even more deceiving. Without a sense of scale sometimes you might plan for items to go into a space where they can’t serve their practical function e.g. how much space is around your toilet, can your vanity cupboard doors open freely? In the bathroom, separate wet and dry zones are crucial to ensure your bathroom is a safe and comfortable zone. You also need to consider the placement of fixtures, the simple placement of your towel rail is important to keep the bathroom safe from excess water dripped throughout the space or being a head knock hazard. The Oxford Bathroom Sydney showrooms will both show you different bathroom layouts of all shapes and sizes so that you can stand in the space and get a good sense of your requirements at home.
  3. Speak to experienced professionals – Emails, chats and phone calls can never be as fruitful when you don’t have the products there in front of you for context. These forms of communication just lack the nuances that face-to-face conversations have. Talking to one of our expert team in a showroom will also give you a better sense of whether you want to work with us or not. On the other side of the coin, speaking to our showroom team will also allow us to gain better insight into what you are looking to accomplish with your project. We will sometimes read between the lines and get you exactly what you wanted, even if it isn’t what you thought you were asking for.
  4. Get Inspiration – When looking for inspiration for your next reno project, don’t be limited to just online platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram. We talked about how important it is to gain spatial understanding of a space, well one big central piece can affect and inspire all your other elements, and how they can be applied to suit your needs. Exploring a multitude of styles, layouts, materials, finishes and colours in one location with your family members who will be using the newly renovated space is a great way to understand what your loved ones do and don’t like as its not always easy to put this into words. By simply standing in some mock-bathrooms, you will get lots of new inspiration for your own design and it is likely that you will come across ideas that you wouldn’t have come up with on your own. Showrooms really can boost your creativity. It is almost impossible to see exact colours when you’re browsing products online and more often than not, the colour of the product that arrives will be different to the colour that you thought you ordered. By going to a bathroom showroom, you can see all of the colour options that you have in person and ensure that you’re choosing the right colours for your refurb.
  5. Compare and Contrast – Many homeowners find it difficult to compare products when they aren’t physically next to one another and thankfully when you visit our bathroom showrooms, you will have the opportunity to directly compare a wide range of products and brands for your new design. This will be incredibly helpful when you’re making important decisions and help to prevent any mistakes being made or regrets.


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