Bathroom Renovations Sydney – Ideas to Make Your Bathroom More Accessible

Bathroom Renovations Sydney – Ideas to Make Your Bathroom More Accessible

Bathroom Renovations Sydney
Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

Designing accessible bathrooms isn’t limited to people with impairments. Today, many homeowners choose bathroom renovations Sydney to improve the style factors in their bathroom that perfectly meet their requirements as they age in their home. Some of the aspects in their bathroom, such as a low toilet, can pose safety risks to the elderly. So, having an accessible bathroom is more crucial than ever. Moreover, it maximises the return on investment. Here we’ve listed a few ideas for bathroom renovations Sydney to ensure that your loved one gets around the house with ease.

Dimensions and Small Fixtures

When you are designing accessible bathrooms, it’s inevitable to consider the dimension of the bathroom door. The width of the door must be not less than 32 inches, and the toilet must be placed between two support bars to make it easy for the individual to sit down and stand up. In addition, bathroom specialists Sydney suggest a wheelchair accessible shower and other special features if you are considering a handicap bathroom with wheelchair accessibility.

Say No to Shower Barriers

Shower barriers are used in the standard showers to keep the water in. But this can create accessibility issues. So, upgrade your shower system to one that doesn’t have a shower barrier. Installing a shower system without a shower barrier is beneficial for anyone using a wheelchair or who cannot lift their feet high enough off of the floor.

Get Rid of Under Sink Cabinets

Under-sink cabinets are handy to store toiletries and other plumbing connections. But they hinder access to the sink. So, it’s better to switch to a sink with an open bottom which is easier for a wheelchair to easily slide below it. In addition, you can add cabinets in other areas of the bathroom that can be easily accessed by a person in a wheelchair.

Hand-held Shower Head

If you want to increase the accessibility, you must consider installing a hand-held shower head with a slider bar. Moreover, adding a thermostat-controlled, pressure-balanced valve avoids scalding in individuals with disabilities. You must also consider adding a grab bar that helps the individual in getting in and out of the shower. You can coordinate the colour of the stability grab bar to match the colour accents of your bathroom to avoid an institutional look.

Slip-resistant Bathroom Floor

Choose textured flooring for your bathroom floor to prevent dangerous slips, trips, or falls. Moreover, you can choose slip-resistant tiles that come with different design options and adds more aesthetic value.

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