Bathroom Renovations in Sydney | Making Use of Space





Bathroom Renovations in Sydney | Making Use of Space

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Bathroom Renovations in Sydney | Making Use of Space

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Bathroom renovations in Sydney, and around the world, is a rabbit hole of epic proportions. There is no shortage of enthusiasts, each home presents its own unique set of challenges to the person who seeks to change it, and there is no shortage of differing viewpoints.

Before this gets overly bewildering, it helps to gain perspective. This series on bathroom layouts lays out some of the most common and functional methods of creating a lovely and relaxing space within your home for refreshment and revival.

We begin this journey with the smallest spaces around, something that is a reality for a huge number of Sydneysiders. As the housing market continues to flourish, more and more of us are occupying smaller, more modest homes, particular in areas such as the Eastern Suburbs and the Inner West. But these cramped confines bring out the best in bathroom renovations in Sydney from Oxford Bathrooms. We love a good challenge.

Be Judicious with your Appointments
Smaller spaces demand the rethinking of your layout. Rather than a dominating sink sitting dead-centre, a corner sink can save considerable space. A shower curtain means you won’t need to create space for a swinging door. And your lighting should be flush to the walls or ceiling.

Use the Walls
Placing hooks in convenient areas to your sink is going to save heaps of space. And they’re not only for your towels – hanging pockets will handle your moisturiser, toothpaste, and makeup bags. They can easily be taken down and cleaned, if they are starting to get shabby or dusty.

Get Vertical
The higher the ceiling, the better. The shower head occupies a large wack of space within your shower, and putting it high enough to be out of your way goes a long way to enjoying some more elbow room.

Floating, Rounded Vanities are your Friend

Bathroom renovations in Sydney must respect the user, and when someone is bashing their hips on the corner of the sink repeatedly, there is something wrong. A rounded vanity, hanging on the wall, improves this situation, and the space underneath can become valuable storage space.

Minimalism, and smart choices, can make smaller bathrooms just as cosy and inviting as larger ones. Contact your friends at Oxford Bathrooms to learn more!


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