Bathroom Renovation Tips – Bathroom Accessories, Lighting, and Essential Facilities

Creative Ideas for Small Bathroom Renovations

bathroom renovations Sydney
Photo by Steven Ungermann on Unsplash

Are you looking to beautify your bath?  Perhaps it’s time to consider bathroom renovations Sydney! In fact, it is one of the best ways to breathe new life into a home. A renovation does not necessarily mean deconstructing your bathroom completely; simply replacing your bathroom lighting, accessorises, and essential facilities can dramatically enhance the look and feel of your bathroom. However, please don’t take it easy when selecting your bathroom lighting, accessorises, and essential facilities. Remember, your bathroom remodel will be something you have to live with for the next ten or more years. 

Bathroom Lighting Tips

Bathroom Lighting

Lighting is an integral piece of the puzzle when designing a bathroom retreat, too, as light can entirely change the mood of a space. 

Chandeliers or Flush-mounts?

  • If you have a low ceiling and have small bathroom renovations in Sydney, consider a flush-mount over canned lighting.
  • If you want a classic and elegant look for your bathroom with a high ceiling, consider chandeliers.


Making Use Of Natural Light: Use natural lighting to complement the existing brass hardware. 

Lighting in Layers

Accent LightingIt is a focused light that illuminates tight spaces or dark corners. 

Task LightingThis is vanity lighting! As the name suggests, this is the lighting that pinpoints specific ‘tasks.’ 

Ambient Lighting: This lighting will usually be a flush-mount or chandelier on the ceiling. This general lighting will illuminate the entire room space. 

Bathroom Accessories Tips

The bathrooms can be accessorised with chic dispensers and storage. You can also add more accessories like listed below. 

Indoor Tree: Consider placing a tree in the corner for a low-lift. 

Put Out a Luxury Room Fragrance: A high-end room fragrance will instantly elevate the overall feel of a powder room.

Swap a Mirror for Wall Art

Add Something Metallic: Metal can make the bathroom feel a little fancier and more polished. 

Swap in Eye-Catching Hardware

  1. Shop for a marble tray to stack your items on
  2. Get more extra storage to tuck away unsightly essentials
  3. Consider shopping for the rose gold handle pulls

Adding a Small Table: Adding a small table next to your tub

Incorporating Brass Accents: Brass features add “a hint of luxury and a nod to older styles”

Essential Facilities 

Modern toilet designs, sleek vanity units, and unique bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes to suit spaces and budgets, both small and large. Choose those essential facilities that you really need for your bathroom renovations in Sydney.

Some of the essential facilities that you may forgot when it comes to bathroom renovation are,  

  • Toilet brush & container
  • Toilet paper storage
  • Over-the-door and/or wall hooks
  • Toothbrush holder 
  • Non-skid bath mat
  • Wastebasket
  • Mirror


Do you have broken tiles or fixtures that have been bothering you for some time? You bought a house and decided the bathroom isn’t what you really wanted? Do you have a bathroom that looks old? Then it’s time for a bathroom remodel. Consider check-in bathroom showrooms Sydney, and hire them for the perfect bathroom renovation you want for a long time.