Bathroom Renovation – Important Things to Add to Your Checklist

Bathroom Renovation – Important Things to Add to Your Checklist

Bathroom Renovation - Important Things to Add to Your Checklist
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A bathroom renovation project is quite an investment. You would be spending a significant amount of time and money towards refreshing the look, feel, and functionality of your bathroom. This is why you should give thoughtful consideration and research before you actually begin the project. To properly plan small bathroom renovations Sydney, this checklist will let you know all the important factors you should consider to produce good results:

Part One: Budget

Every bathroom renovation project is unique. How much you are willing to pay depends on what changes you’d like to bring to your bathroom, and the quality of the materials you are choosing. Talk to an expert to help set a realistic budget.

Consider what accessories you’d like to upgrade. If you are low on budget, eliminate any extras from your plan. Make sure anything you buy puts equal emphasis on form and functionality.

Having a budget buffer is important for small bathroom renovations Sydney. There are chances for issues to arise in the midst of the project, such as plumbing for instance. Setting aside some extra money would help meet those unanticipated expenses on repairs.

Part Two: Design

Storage is absolutely necessary for bathrooms. Keep your counterspace clean and organised by installing quality cabinetry. Invest in durable cabinets and drawers to ensure they last as long as possible.

There are chances for people to slip and fall in a bathroom, which is why you should opt for a slip resistant floor. A slip resistant material creates friction/grip in the shower and reduces the risk of accidents.

Use a high quality countertop for the best bathroom renovations Sydney. Granite countertops, for example, enhance the entire look of the space and require only minimal maintenance. Whichever countertop you choose, make sure that it is durable, easy to clean, and its maintenance is a breeze.

Lighting is another important element. Choose a daylight or LED light for your bathroom. Alternatively, installing a halogen light will give a more natural feel.

Part Three: Plumbing

Decide on how large you want the tub and shower to be. With smaller drains, hair and other debris could easily get clogged. But this wouldn’t be a problem with larger drains. Although the latter is relatively more expensive, you would be saving on maintenance costs in the future.

Ensure the bathroom floor is optimised to drain. It must be tilted the right way, so that water won’t accumulate and pool inside.

Remember to reconfigure the plumbing if you are installing a new vanity. The renovation expert will either work on your current plumbing or suggest setting up a new system.

Prioritise the above factors before beginning your renovation project. If you have questions on the small bathroom renovations cost, get in touch with the team of professional bathroom specialists. After analysing the requirements, they will let you know what needs to be done to make your bathroom even more functional