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Bathroom Greenery | Bathroom Contractors Sydney

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Your bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the house. Every member of the home will visit it at least twice daily, so it is little wonder that people have begun to explore methods of beautifying it. At Oxford Bathrooms, we are bathroom contractors in Sydney who combine our striking designs with ergonomics and beauty, to provide a functional and enjoyable spot to enjoy each day.

But beautifying your home isn’t all down to the designer. There are many methods of beautifying your home, and while they aren’t often considered for use in a bathroom, a house plant can create a calming vibe. Placed properly, they are a fine addition. Here are some suggestions for some greenery, to improve the ambience in your bathroom.

Aloe Vera

This desert plant is more than just an appealing addition to a bathroom’s aesthetic – it is loaded with minerals, and the ‘juice’ of the plant is an excellent soothe for minor cuts and burns. As an added plus, the humidity of the bathroom will typically provide ample moisture for this plant. Just make sure it gets a spot with plenty of light.


Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants to be found anywhere, but its advantage in the bathroom is its cleanliness. Simply placing the stalk in to a jar with some pebbles and water, and it will do just fine. You can curtail its remarkable growth with a natural barrier, or trim it with care.


The Boston, Asparagus, and Staghorn are all striking and green, and require minimal attention. They’ll do just fine in average bathroom humidity and temperatures, and indirect lighting, while their long, hanging fronds will give your bathroom a bit of a taste of the jungle.


For something different, your begonias can do quite well in the confines of your bathroom. In areas of the northern hemisphere, this seasonal flower is often wintered over in the bathroom and do just fine, provided they are offered plenty of sunlight and aren’t allowed to dry out completely. Treat them well, and your bathroom can even be treated to a striking display of flowers during the growing season.

For more ideas like this one, your favourite Sydney bathroom contractors are ready to help you. Contact Oxford Bathrooms today!


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