A Guide to Remodelling Your Bathroom for Child Safety

A Guide to Remodelling Your Bathroom for Child Safety

A Guide to Remodelling Your Bathroom for Child Safety
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Bathroom is one of the most dangerous places for children. When you have kids at home, you want to make changes to your bathroom for enhancing safety and that too without compromising its style or functionality. Remodelling your bathroom to make it kid-friendly is not hard when you hire a professional bathroom renovations Sydney service. The experts have shared some useful tips to create a safe and stylish bathroom at home:

Use a Step Stool:

Whether you are deciding to purchase a tool from the store, or install a built-in one, a step stool can be a great addition for bathrooms. This helps your children to reach for water, soap, and toothbrush easier. Consider using a floating vanity for your bathroom when installing a step stool. This allows your step stool to slide underneath while not in use.

Install Storage Spaces with Different Heights:

When you share your bathroom, there are things your kids can use, and things that they cannot. This is why you should install storage cabinets in different heights. For instance, towels, cotton balls, toothbrush, toilet paper, etc shall be stored on easier-to-reach drawers, whereas razors, medicines, cleaning supplies, and the like can be stored in cabinets that are out of reach of children.

Use Highly Durable Materials:

A kid friendly bathroom should have high quality, durable materials and accessories. Things are more likely to break or get dirty when they play around. For bathroom renovations Sydney, choose materials that are robust and can easily handle everything from stains to cracks. This will not just save you money down the road, but also makes your bathroom look as good as new for years. For instance, porcelain tiles and quartz countertops are recommended to make your bathroom kid-friendly.

4 Other Important Tips to Remember:

Here are a few other useful tips recommended by the bathroom specialists Sydney.

  • Using wall hooks is better than a towel bar. They’re easy to use, plus your towels won’t end up lying on the floor as much. Young kids tend to play more with towel bars, and this too can be resolved with wall hooks.
  • A good wall tile can add an extra layer of durability for your kid-friendly bathroom. The surface will be a lot easier to clean and maintain, and any spills can be wiped off without effort.
  • When your kids are just learning to properly brush their teeth and wash their hands, a larger sink will be more appealing. This is also easy for you, as a parent, to clean the vanity.
  • Using a trip lever on the side of the toilet tank will help your child to flush safer and easier.

Get in touch with the bathroom renovation experts, if you would like to know more about their bathroom renovation packages, and make your existing bathroom child-friendly.