7 Top Home Bathroom Design Trends That You Must Know





7 Top Home Bathroom Design Trends That You Must Know

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7 Top Home Bathroom Design Trends That You Must Know

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No home can be complete without a bathroom. It’s not just the place to wash off the grit and take shower, but more of a space where you get rid of the stress and relax. Like any other part of a home, the winds of change are sweeping across in bathroom design and renovation. Here are 7 trends in bathroom design that you must be aware of in case you’re planning to renovate your bathroom:

  1. Levitating vanity

Anybody can tell you that vanities are the soul of a bathroom. So how about having a vanity which is levitating above the ground! Apart from giving a different look and feel, it also frees a lot of space on the ground. You feel the same area more airy and spacious.

  1. Changing face of showers

Showers are getting more advanced with time and this is certainly one area in the bathroom renovation where technology is playing a critical role. There are now steam showers dispersing water vapour dispersing around person’s body. Using oversized rain shower heads or double showers can redefine the whole meaning of luxury in your home.

  1. Perfect colours

A good combination of colours can give a spa-like feeling in your bathroom. The choice of colours also depends on whether you want a traditional or a more contemporary look. The use of white tile works fine any type of design. The uses of grey tiles are also called versatile and make a timeless appeal. In case you want to give a rich luxurious look, you can also try out purple shade. Though a white subway like tile is considered evergreen, vintage blue tiles will change the mood of the overall ambience in the bathroom space.

  1. Bold accents

Are you afraid of using bright colours in your bathroom? If that is true, the time has come to change the opinion. Using a bright colour like red can give a sense of character. It also adds a touch of luxury.

  1. Timber is gaining traction

Timber design is slowly coming in vogue in bathroom design and it is certainly one of the most strong emerging bathroom design trends. If your purpose of the bathroom renovation is creating a more revitalizing space, timber certainly fits the bill. There are now more contemporary and eco-friendly timber solutions.  This also adds freshness and natural style in bathrooms.

  1. Using plants

Adding a plant or two will change the overall look and feel of your bathroom space and it does not require a meticulous care as well. It also adds a healthy dose of natural elements. There are some variety of bathrooms that grow faster because of higher humidity and temperature level. Bamboo, Begonia and Boston fern can be ideal plant choices for this purpose.

  1. Personalisation

Personalisation is percolating in every area of life and bathrooms are no exception to this trend. Customers love to know that if there is something that has been made something for them.  They can request for a special personal finish in the bathrooms that lends a more individual touch.


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