6 Design Considerations to Note Before Renovating Your Bathroom

6 Design Considerations to Note Before Renovating Your Bathroom

6 Design Considerations to Note Before Renovating Your Bathroom
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Bathroom renovation is never a small undertaking when considering the amount of time and money spent on the project. Before making the investment, it is necessary that you do your research and consider a few important things to build your dream bathroom. It’s not just about the looks, but comfort as well. Check out these 6 important design considerations recommended by the experts of bathroom renovations in Sydney:


Investing in spacious cabinetry is suggested for keeping your counter space clean and clear. Since bathroom spaces are humid and moist, make sure that the cabinets and drawers you purchase are strong and durable. The cabinetry should be made of quality materials that extend their lifespan.

Proper Lighting:

The importance of lighting in bathroom renovations in Sydney can’t be emphasised enough. Installing an LED or fluorescent light will be great for any bathroom. If you prefer a more natural white light, halogen is the one to go with. Lighting not only ensures safety, but also helps with makeup and grooming applications. You can experiment with different lighting options to see what works for you.


Purchasing and installing a good quality countertop increases your convenience by many folds. Granite countertops are one of the best choices for bathrooms, as they really revamp the space and make an impression. Besides it’s striking aesthetics, a good quality natural stone countertop is easy to clean and maintain as well. The investment will be totally worth it in the long term.

Slip Resistant Floor:

When choosing a flooring for your bathroom renovation project, the bathroom specialists in Sydney highly recommend getting a slip resistant material for total safety. These materials create friction to reduce the chances of slipping in the shower. There are different kinds of flooring options available based on your budget. Even better, installing heated flooring will increase comfort by keeping your bathroom warm and relaxing.


A damp bathroom is more vulnerable to mould and mildew growth. While renovating your bathroom, take appropriate measures to properly ventilate the bathroom. You can use exhaust fans, or install more windows and keep them open. This way, you will never have to endure unnecessary mould infestations ever again. Your bathroom will also remain fresh at all times.

Sink Height:

Considering the height of your bathroom sink might not seem relevant at first, but it does significantly influence your comfort. When the sink is too short or too tall, you will find it pretty uncomfortable to use every day. Professional bathroom renovators will install the sink at the required height for you.

Good design is a fundamental aspect of renovation. Hire a reliable and efficient service offering reasonable bathroom renovation packages, and spruce up your bathroom without breaking the bank!