5 Bathroom Renovation Tips that Help Save Space

bathroom renovations in Sydney
Photo by Beazy on Unsplash

An outdated bathroom can be quite the eyesore, as well as an issue if you’re running out of space, especially due to its size. Fortunately, updating your bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. There are lots of easy ways to save space and improve your bathroom’s appearance at the same time! Try some of these tips next time you’re doing bathroom renovations Sydney.

Install a Sliding Door:

Install a sliding door in your bathroom for an efficient use of space. A sliding door saves on extra room because you can fold it against itself, and a series of them opens up into a single, large area. Your bathroom renovations Sydney contractor can help you incorporate sliding doors into the project. This is often overlooked by homeowners, but replacing your swing doors with sliding ones can be very beneficial when you want to save space.

Install Showers Over Bathtubs:

Installing a shower over your bathtub can save up to 70 percent of your bathroom space. If you want, you can also look into something called corner showers. They are designed for small bathrooms and allow you to use all available space. Corner showers are constructed in small spaces where two walls come together. They are available in all different styles and prices, so there’s no excuse not to install one.

Optimise Your Storage:

Overflowing cabinets can make your bathroom feel cramped. If you’re planning a bathroom renovation and need more storage space, consider adding cabinets around your toilet and even under your sink. Of course, you’ll need to have wall space for these cabinets before doing so, but they’re not hard to install once you have it. You may also want to invest in adjustable shelves that help maximise your cupboard space. All you have to do is pull them down when needed and tuck them away when not.

Install Floating Vanity:

Most bathrooms feature a small sink-to-countertop ratio, meaning you don’t have a lot of room to work with. According to a bathroom renovation company Sydney, floating vanities are ideal for small bathrooms. That’s because they save space and make it easy to place an area rug or other decorative elements. Just be sure that your bathroom has enough height clearance. Floating vanities also make cleaning much easier for you.

Use Smaller Tubs:

If you’re looking for a way to use less space in your bathroom, consider switching from a large bathtub to a smaller one. Smaller tubs take up less space, so you can still get that luxurious feel in your bathroom. Remember to carefully measure out your new tub before purchasing it.

Your bathroom is one of the few rooms in your house that gets used every day, so be sure to hire a bathroom renovation expert offering attractive bathroom renovation packages. This will make a huge difference in the way your bathroom looks and feels.