5 Bathroom Renovation Tips for Better Accessibility

5 Bathroom Renovation Tips for Better Accessibility

5 Bathroom Renovation Tips for Better Accessibility
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Some homeowners might require remodelling their existing bathrooms not for enhancing the design, but to cater to individuals with disabilities. Tweaking certain aspects of the bathroom is equally important for the elderly as well. For instance, a wet shower tile poses a safety risk to them. To make your bathroom more accessible, here are 5 important bathroom remodelling tips from the bathroom renovations Sydney experts described below:

Maximise the Space of Your Bathroom:

One of the first things to consider is widening the gap of the door to make it wheelchair accessible. Plus, the fixtures such as the shower, sink, and toilet should all be placed in such a way that it is comfortable enough for the individuals using wheelchairs to move around. Also, a toilet with support bars can help them to sit down or stand up with ease. The experts of bathroom renovations in Sydney will know what features must be included to improve accessibility.

Install a Grab Bar and a Handheld Shower Head:

Installing a grab bar will give enough support to people when they are getting in and out of the shower. Also, a handheld shower head will be useful for them while taking a shower. For those preferring to make changes in the design, you could install a coloured grab bar that matches with other aesthetic elements in your bathroom.

Slip Resistant Floors:

Slip resistant floors is helpful for both the disabled and the elderly, as it prevents accidental slips, trips and falls, which usually happens on a wet floor. All you need to do is select tiles that provide enough grip when using the bathroom. Certain tiles will provide this functionality while also improving the appearance of your bathroom. No matter the size of the tiles you purchase, the texture on it will provide great friction that prevents slips and trips.

Sufficient Clearance Under the Sink:

There must be sufficient clearance under the sink to make it wheelchair accessible. Lack of clearance means that the person will have a hard time reaching the faucet. Besides giving enough clearance, the bathroom mirror should also be low enough for people to use. The bathroom specialists in Sydney can fit the faucets in a way that it is easily accessible for people in a wheelchair.

Install a Walk-In Shower:

With a walk-in shower, you can just walk or roll into the area without any obstacles. So, for people using wheelchairs, it’s easier to enter the space as there are no steps or curtains. This is found to be incredibly helpful for seniors as well.
A bathroom remodelling project must be safe and stress-free, especially when you are making several modifications for accessibility. Get in touch with the specialists who can understand your individual requirements and provide the right solutions with reasonably priced bathroom renovation packages. You’ll be impressed by the results!